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Basic Theology
Just tossing out the idea, that perhaps my dick is bigger than yours

Date: 2009-08-23 10:33
Subject: R. Kelly's Same Girl pt. 2 (uncensored)
Security: Public
look at my eyes, when i look at you-what do you see
another part of me? physically? what dominates our history
love and such, kisses and touch, whiskey and dutch,
girl; you my whole world, make things spin, from within
our sin- your mind and your soul make me whole, another bowl,
let me tell it to you whole..

okay, okay i say many different words, droppin the verbs
but no-thing, that i sing, will mean more than some sort of ring
so i shake up the courage, pull it out now, somehow, shakes and shook,
you mistook the box for a book, rubbin' up the nook, take a look.
who's moanin, groanin, like my cock planes flown in,
vibratin' with intense motion, the lotion and my wavy ocean,
girl, you must know by today, my hearts gone away, fallin' so far for you
what should i do, who should i who?

your cunt is inspiring, is it hiring? i would love to apply for consideration,
the vibration of my nation should be enough communication, if it's not, lets get hot
and i'll show you what i got, big rips, hard nips, penis tips, pussy eclipse, girl;
tug it hard, rub-down boulevard, ooh yeah, rip it until it gets all scarred...
my dick your vagina lets be straight, demonstrate the difference 'tween love n' hate
no date, cock-plate ecstasy you elate, it's our fate, to fuck forever....

then i died. so now i'm dead, and i see you given another man head, instead.
what about all that shit you said? forever? none better? you only loved my cheddar.
slopping his jizz, in your throat so deep, he looks like a creep.
when you fucked in his jeep-you should've seen me weep.
what the fuck girl, what the fuck? who you think i am? some sort of pissed-on-sham?
fuck you, you said you were true. my cock was so blue, with veins gone insane, for you!!!

and then you lied, just because i died, doesn't mean i never tried!
you should've cut my dick off, and made it into dildo, you ho, you can't fuck some other bro
why-must-you-be-such-a-bitch? why-why-why? why-why-whyyyy?

cocksucker, mother fucker, why? did you lie? i can't try
to understaaannnddd.... where you comin' from, covered in cum, from your face to your bum,
i'm glum, watchin him suckin' your plum, and you makin that same old sexy face, disgrace
throw me into a fire place, i thought i bought you that lace, not him, so grim,
how can you love a dick so slim? fuck you, fuck you, fuck you! liar! bitch! fuck you! fuck you!

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Date: 2009-07-04 12:25
Subject: fat, fat, fat
Security: Public
i have to stop coming home and ordering a one pizza/breadsticks combo to last the whole weekend. i feel so stupid every time! it's so delicious though! but wow, pizza is so much more expensive than just buying grrroooccceerrriiieeesssss!

in other news, i have made a conscious effort to implement "lol" into my internet vocabulary. for any of you revolutionaries still left out there, i apologize for switching teams. it's just so much more feasible than "haha" these days.
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Date: 2009-06-27 09:54
Subject: ahhhhhhhhhhh
Security: Public
shit man, it's so crazy hot, right?

i love summer.
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Date: 2009-06-16 11:27
Subject: cheering (ah, perfect!)
Security: Public
i always choose the title first, and it never ends up fitting the damn entry! well not this time, no. this time i will choose the title last! this way it will align perfectly with the corresponding correspondence.

woooo! yeaaaah! wooooooo!!! yeeeeaaah!!!! whooooooooo!!!!!!!!
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Date: 2009-06-13 12:10
Subject: SATURDAY!!!!!
Security: Public
hey everyone, it's saturday! saturday is great. first you wake up, then you hang out all day, and then you go out and hang out all night, and then you wake up late the next day. what a GREAT DAY!!!! hooray for saturday!
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